Loose dog knocks over blind woman

A BLIND woman narrowly escaped injury on Monday night when a large dog knocked two people off a tandem bike.

The pair were taking part in the Tandem Group’s weekly cycle around Lurgan Park when the incident happened.

The majority of the ‘back-seat’ passengers who take part on the cycle are blind.

One member of the group contacted the ‘MAIL’ to express his anger at the owner of the dog concerned.

He said: “Some owners need to take a bit more responsibility when they are in public places with their pets.

“This dog was just running about out of control. Needless to say, it didn’t have a lead on.”

He continued: “What angered me most was that she did not even have the courtesy to stop and see of the two women were okay.

“It turned out they escaped any serious injury, but the way the owner responded to the whole thing angered me.”

The incident follows a similar accident last year when a cyclist was knocked off their bike by a loose dog. There have been other incidents in which pedestrians have also been knocked over by dogs in the park.

One dog owner, who regularly walks around Lurgan Park said: “I would always keep my dogs on a lead out of consideration for other park users.

“When the cyclists are out there is always the risk that your dog, in its excitement on the loose, could be involved in an accident.”

He added: “I always take the view that you can never completely trust your dog to know what is safe and what isn’t.

“I love to see the tandem bikes go round the park, and the people on them are always so cheerful, and you can expect a friendly hello, it saddens me that some dog owners don’t think of the possible consequences of letting their pets run loose.

“Even the most obedient dog can get itself into a situation it’s owner would wish it hadn’t.”

However, another park user felt cyclists using the park should show greater consideration for pedestrians: “At times people on bikes - not the tandem riders I’d stress - can just come whizzing past you with no warning. Surely if they are approaching from behind they should sound their bell just to let you know they are there.”

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