Lough Neagh Rescue’s Kinnego crew delivers emergency medication

Lough Neagh Rescue’s Kinnego station is still operational despite being under four inches of water.

And the crew has been working hard delivering emergency medication and rescuing stranded people despite adversity.

Lough Neagh Rescue's Kinnego Station is flooded

Lough Neagh Rescue's Kinnego Station is flooded

Plus they have been ensuring all equipment has been secured.

The video shows the crew dealing with a call out on Saturday in the Ashgrove Road area of Portadown which has suffered from flooding after torrential rain.

A spokesperson said: “The boat and crew are still operational and the flooded station will not stop us doing our job - which is saving lives on the lough.

“Just last week our Swift and Flood Water team, which has been trained to deal with circumstances just like these, aided in the delivery of medication and the recovery of three people from a flooded Portadown home.

“Sand bags have been placed around Kinnego where possible and although we have been told water levels are to rise further, this will not impact on our ability to attend rescues with the support of both the Ardboe and Antrim crews.

“Ardboe station has also made safe its equipment, and despite the building being hit by water during high winds, the sandbags have prevented any flooding.

“Extra water flowing into the lough from Northern Ireland’s rivers have seen water levels increase to over three feet above winter levels and as Lough Neagh can only get rid of an inch of water a day - which is a lot from a lake of 154sq miles - it has led to flooding all around the lough shore.”