Lundy effigy to be burned in annual ritual

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The traditional burning of Lundy will take place on Friday, August 4 at Clare, Tandragee.

Members of Clare LOL 102 and Teemore Apprentice Boys of Derry, Tandragee, will be jointly parading through Clare at 9.30pm led by Cormeen Flute Band.

The parade starts at Clare Orange Hall and then proceeds to a field just past the primary school.

Lundy served as the Governor of Londonderry during the Siege of Derry in 1689 when there was a war between King James ll and Prince William of Orange lll.

He was viewed by Protestants during this war as weak and a coward and to this day it has been an annual tradition in areas across Northern Ireland to burn the effigy of Lundy.

Local Worthy President of Teemore Apprentice Boys, Tandrageee Mark Cowan said, “This is a very special year for our local club as it marks our 70th anniversary and we are delighted to jointly parade with Clare LOL 102 to mark this occasion. We would encourage and invite other Orange and Apprentice Boys brethren to parade and welcome spectators to join us for this event.”