Lurgan Bhoy Jay Beatty has a whirlwind week at a Celtic match, a gig with Paulo Nutini and starring role in Spanish Champions League production

Paulo Nutini with Jay Beatty and his mum Aine
Paulo Nutini with Jay Beatty and his mum Aine

It’s been a whirlwind week for young Jay Beatty who has sung with a popstar and starred in a video with international footballers.

And if that wasn’t enough, the 11-year-old Lurgan lad found the time to fit in a Celtic game, act as an ambassador for Celtic FC and visit sick children in a Glasgow hospital.

Jay Beatty visiting a sick boy in Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) Glasgow

Jay Beatty visiting a sick boy in Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) Glasgow

The Lurgan Bhoy was the envy of many on Saturday after hanging out with international superstar Paulo Nutini.

The Scottish singer invited Jay and his family to his gig in Glasgow on Saturday night and all had the VIP treatment.

Jay, his mum Aine, dad Martin and sister Olivia hung out with the singer for a few hours before the gig.

Paulo and his new pal Jay had a sing song in the back of a taxi with Jay strumming away on his guitar.

The gig at Bellahouston was packed with 35,000 people and 11-year-old Jay was guest of honour.

Hoops-mad Paolo even dedicated his hit song These Streets to the youngster on stage.

He told the crowd the pair had been backstage practicing his set together prior to the show.

Dad Martin told the MAIL he nearly fell out of bed last Wednesday when he got a call from Paulo inviting Jay and the family to the gig.

“We were going to the Celtic match anyway in the afternoon and couldn’t believe it when Paulo rang and invited us to his gig,” he said.

“And not only that Paulo’s mum rang the next day and asked if we had any dietary requirements as they were having a feast backstage before gig,” he said.

The family spent quite a while with Martin and the family prior to the gig.

Martin revealed that they met Paulo in a house close to the gig and spent a bit of time with him.

Then Paulo brought them in his SUV with bodyguards to the backstage area.

They had a sing song in the back of the car.

“We were in his dressing room and he couldn’t have been nicer. He asked Jay what his favourite song was and Jay said Hail Hail,” he laughed.

Jay knows a load of Paulo’s songs as mum Aine and sister Olivia are big fans and his music is never off in the car, so he was able to sing along to some tunes with the Scottish singer.

Martin said he couldn’t believe it, Paulo told Jay that he was his hero.

Martin said Jay and him stayed backstage as it was a bit too much for Jay but was delighted when Paulo dedicated his song The Streets to the Lurgan boy.

“He said he was dedicating the song to the most famous person he knew - Jay Beatty,” said Martin. “You don’t expect a wee boy from Lurgan to get that,” he said.

Martin’s wife Aine and daughter Olivia went to the after show party and everyone had a great time.

“This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to people,” said Martin, who added that he hoped it would raise the profile of Downs and Proud.

Jay gave Paulo a Downs and Proud bag and Paulo gave him T shirts. “He absolutely loved it,” said Martin.

And besides going to the Celtic game in Glasgow on Saturday and Paulo Nutini’s gig, Jay managed to fit in a very special visit to Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Yorkhill) Glasgow to visit a number of very ill young people.

Jay’s dad Martin explained that they have a Wish Foundation and it was one little boy’s wish to meet Jay.

“It was very emotional,” said Martin. “Jay doesn’t really understand but it was very sad. The children we met were very sick. But they were all delighted that Jay was there and it was fun.”

And Jay has appeared in a major Spanish football advertising campaign with a special video with top soccer players such as Messi, Zidane and Ibraimovich.

The video also features top players such as Simone, Rodriguez and Pirlo. And of course, Jay’s hero, Samaras.

Jay’s dad Martin explained that he had received a call from a production company in Spain a few weeks ago regarding an advertisement for the Champions League which will show the spirit and legends of football. The girl in the production company said they wanted to include Jay as he summed up the true spirit of football and is a legend.

Martin said it all goes to highlight the reason for Downs and Proud and hopes this will help bring down barriers and help other children with special needs.

And back to earth for Jay who started school this week.