Lurgan College hits back at SELB claims

Trevor Robinson.
Trevor Robinson.

Lurgan College have hit back at claims from the Southern Education and Library Board that it would retain its grammar school status under the controversial Option A proposal.

In a statement in this week’s Lurgan Mail, the SELB said the bilateral Lurgan College envisaged in Option A “would continue to be known as a controlled grammar school”.

But in a joint statement, the boards of governors and principals of both Portadown College and Lurgan College accused the SELB of attempting to “hoodwink” the community and said claims that the colleges will retain their selective grammar status were “deplorable”.

“This is a deliberate strategy on the part of the SELB to mislead and to trick the community into accepting an option which is a comprehensive model and which will result in the eventual destruction of the Dickson Plan,” said the colleges.

“The SELB’s trickery is exposed by its recent Development Proposal in relation to St Michael’s in Lurgan which, in the Board’s own words, will be a ‘non-selective’ grammar school!

“The Boards of Governors of both Colleges are confident that the community will see through the SELB’s latest attempt to re-package its beleaguered Option A and reject it once again!’

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