Lurgan doctor saves woman’s life in pharmacy

Dr Emmett McCann, who saved a woman's life in Dublin pharmacy.
Dr Emmett McCann, who saved a woman's life in Dublin pharmacy.

A Lurgan born doctor turned lifesaver in a Dublin pharmacy after a woman arrived at the premises suffering from anaphylactic shock.

Emmett McCann (28), whose parents Mary and Barry McCann live at Kelly Gardens in the Co Armagh town, qualified as a pharmacist in 2013, graduated as a doctor in February this year and has been working at McCabe’s Pharmacy in the Northwood area of Dublin since May.

The former St Michael’s Grammar School pupil explained: “The lady came into the shop struggling to breathe, she was in full-blown anaphylactic shock.”

Emmett acted quickly and gave the woman an adrenaline shot: “I could see the rash on her neck so I knew she had an allergy.

“I thought I’d have to do CPR. I gave her a shot of adrenaline and it didn’t really do anything.

“Then I gave her a second adrenaline pen and it seemed to work until the ambulance arrived.

“She required two more in the ambulance but from what I’ve heard she seems to be good now, thank God.

“I’m also trained as a doctor so I think that certainly helped.”

He added: “It’s not the sort of thing you expect to see and I’m glad I was able to help.”

Emmett, whose long term ambition is to work in anaesthesia, has been in touch with the lady’s family who expressed their gratitude for his lifesaving actions: “Her daughter contacted me and said she couldn’t thank me enough.”

Emmett’s family back in Lurgan have expressed their pride in the young doctor’s heroic actions.

His aunt Margaret McManus said: “We are very proud of him. He lost his twin brother, Finbar, three years ago and he has worked so hard. His mum dad and granny Eilish and sister Emma are so proud of him.”

Emmett said: “My family has been through a tough time, I lost my brother when I was studying for my medical degree, I couldn’t focus on my exams. I know mum and dad were glad to see me get through it.”