Lurgan girl enjoys her time on primetime gameshow with Paddy McGuinness

Cupid’s arrow didn’t strike when glamorous Terezita Doherty, a model and dancer from Lurgan, appeared on dating show Take Me Out but since her appearance exciting offers have been flooding in, including requests for future television appearances.

Terezita (21) who works in Debenhams in Rushmere Shopping Centre, swapped her day job for two weeks in London when the show was being recorded. Initially she was apprehensive about appearing on a dating show but with the encouragement of her friends and family she overcame her antipathy and decided to give it a go.

Speaking about her appearance on the Saturday night show, Terezita said: “It was an amazing experience. Never in a million years did I think I would go on a dating show. Initially when I was approached by ITV via Facebook, to take part in the show I panicked and thought there is no way I can do this. It’s just not me. But after taking part I came to the conclusion that it was the best decision I have ever made. Since my appearance as a contestant I have received lots of offers of work and other new opportunities. I have also received a lot more offers for dates and my Facebook and Twitter have been inundated with people messaging me,” said Terezita.

Take Me Out is a dating show where host Paddy McGuinness rustles up dates for his 30 single ladies. A single man tries to charm them and land himself a date on the island of ‘Fernando’ believed to be in Tenerife.

While Terezita was not chosen, she dazzled as part of the “flirty 30” line up of girls, who have the opportunity to score a date with an eligible bachelor.

Terezita describes Paddy, the comedian who hosts the show as “so sweet”, “a babe” and “being so lovely.” Speaking about the show’s presenter, she said: ”I am pleased to have been one of Paddy’s “flirty thirty” and enjoyed recording the series of Take Me Out.

“I had the most amazing experience of my life, met some super girls and boys, and to be honest I would do it all again in a heartbeat.

“The show was filmed over a period of two weeks in London and I had a wonderful time with the other 30 contestants. They were all big personalities and great fun to be with,” added Terezita.

Speaking about what goes on behind the scenes Terezita said that rehearsals started early, at 7am, and the contestants had long days involving hair and make-up trials and practising question and answer sessions.

When first approached to appear on the show she was told to bring 15 outfits that she would wear on a night out so that producers could get an idea of her style. However, Terezita explained when it came close to showtime the stylists showed their flair and encouraged her and the other contestants to be more flamboyant.

On the show Terezita wore a dramatic skeleton dress, something she said she would never dream of wearing here. She said: “I would never ever wear a skeleton dress over here, not even if I was going out. But the stylists chose the dress and in retrospect I see that they did an excellent job in making me stand out and look my very best. They definitely know what they are doing.”

Sparks didn’t fly between Terezita and the male contestants as she has definite ideas of what she finds appealing. She says her ideal man must not be vain and must have a good sense of humour. Speaking about her lack of luck in the dating game, Terezita said: “I am the type of girl who doesn’t get approached by boys as I think I’m a bit awkward, I have not been lucky in love so far, but with the positive vibes I’ve received since my appearance on Take Me Out, the future looks bright.”

Terezita’s family, although at first apprehensive, encouraged her as she took part in the show. They were delighted with her appearance and all the offers that are continuing to come in. Terezita said: “When they first heard they were unsure but thought it was a good opportunity and that nothing bad could come of it. They asked me why on earth would you not go for someting like that?” added Terezita.

Terezita’s other passion is hip hop dancing. She set up her own dance classes when she was just 16 teaching hiphop to children. She hopes to use some of the experience she has gained in the showbiz world to continue her dance career.