Lurgan people rally round homeless man sleeping rough in snow

The 'Plaza' area in Church Place. INLM2611-512gc
The 'Plaza' area in Church Place. INLM2611-512gc

A homeless man who was sleeping rough in the snow in Lurgan last night was inundated with help from residents and professional organisations.

However despite plummeting temperatures the man insisted he was fine sleeping outside and initially refused help.

The PSNI, several individuals, groups and church organisations offered the man a bed for the night as well as food, blankets and hot drinks.

He initially refused, however it is understood he later took the offer of shelter and is in the company of his family.

The PSNI said last night they had received a lot of calls about the man who took refuge in a shop doorway.

The police said: “We’ve been out, offered him blankets and a hot meal which he has declined. He insists he’s fine.”

They added they had received messages from organisations and Churches saying they too have offered him help which has been declined.

Police said they appreciate the concern around him. “But if someone doesn’t want or need help, we can’t force it upon them at this point.”

Later the PSNI Craigavon posted on their Facebook page: “We believe this male has now taken an offer of shelter indoors for the night and is in the company of his family at present.

“For obvious reasons we won’t give any more details than that, but thank you to everyone for your offers of assistance and concern.

“Nice to see that the majority of the world still cares about the rest!

“Do keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours and family tonight. Check on them. Check they have heat. Check they know to keep doors locked.”