Lurgan's Conleth Kane to host Belfast's Pride Party in the Square

Life just seems to be getting better and better for Lurgan actor/singer/songwriter Conleth Kane.

Friday, 5th August 2016, 7:34 am

Hot on the heels of the release of his latest single ‘Giving it Up’ on July 4, he has been asked to perform this summer dance anthem at Belfast’s Pride Party in the Square on Saturday, August 6.

Pride in the Square is the biggest LGBT party in Ireland and not only will Conleth get to perform his current single in front of a massive audience in Belfast’s Custom House Square, he will also be co-hosting the event, adding another string to this talented Lurgan man’s bow.

Conleth said: “About two weeks ago my agent received a call to say that Belfast Pride wanted me to perform my single at Party in the Square. They are expecting around 10,000 to be there which is just amazing and the likes of Bewitched and Five will also be there so I said straightaway ‘let’s do it!’

“About half an hour later my agent called me back and said Belfast Pride now want you to co-host the event. I was shocked because I have no presenting experience but I said yes and now I am very nervous to say the least.

“I’m co-hosting the event with Gemma Hutton who has done it for the past four years. I’ve spoke to Gemma a few times since agreeing to do it and she said she is going to look after me because it’s quite daunting. It’s the only time I have been on a stage without a script.

“Anytime I am on stage I am always playing a character but this time I’m going on as Conleth for six hours.

“Gemma has been very warm and encouraging and I have no doubt it will go well.

“It is a really good, fun day and everyone will have a good time.”

Although a little anxious about co-hosting the event, performing his new single ‘Giving it Up’ holds no fear for Conleth.

“Performing my single is totally within my comfort zone,” continued Conleth.

“I think the minute I start my performance I will fall back into Conleth mode. It’s the first performance of my single and I’m looking forward to it so much. It’s going down so well on Cool FM at the minute and its on at least a couple of times a day and a lot of people will already be familiar with it because it has been on their playlist now for four weeks.

“It’s really growing and this week I have a big photoshoot and double page spread for QX Magazine In London.

“It’s a big club magazine and that should help put it out there even more.

“It’s going really well for me at home and its really starting to take off on the mainland as already it’s one of the most played songs on Gaydo Radio.

“I do have a little PR exercise that I’m hoping to try out when I co-host Party in the Square. I’m thinking that if there is 10,000 people in the crowd and if when I sing my song I could get 10,000 people to download it then it would put it to number one on the spot.

“How brilliant would that be, it would be a Guinness World Record because there hasn’t been a Northern Irish singer in at Number One, especially if it was a gay guy at Pride, that would be just a great day - just imagine someone from Lurgan making it to Number One at Belfast Gay pride.

“Even if 1,000 people download it then that would put it into the Top 20 and then I would get airtime on the likes of Radio 1.

“I have had so many messages and so many tweets from people all over saying I’ve just heard your song, Its amazing, and many of these people I don’t know have got in touch to say they love the song.”

Shortly after recording ‘Giving it Up’ Conleth was asked to record his next single ‘Take me higher’ with Brit winner Sonique and party goers on Saturday will get an exclusive when they hear Conleth perform it at Pride.

“I will be singing ‘Take Me Higher’ as well,” added Conleth. “The plan is to release it exclusively at Pride and then it will be available to download in September.

“I really want to get it signed by a label and because ‘Giving it Up’ has done so well on commercial radio I can go to record labels and say I have already had a hit on the radio, now will you guys take my second track.

“This is all really fulfilling as I have done it all without a record label. The bigger it gets and the more hype there is then there is more chance I will get picked up .

“Hopefully everyone will enjoy it . I am really looking forward to it, the last time I was at Belfast Pride was in 2003 and to get the opportunity to perform at it and co-host it is just fabulous.”