Made attempt at cultivation

A 41 year old man who admitted cultivating cannabis at home was given a suspended prison sentence last Wednesday at Craigavon Court.

Desmond Johnston, Parkmore, Craigavon, was given a two month prison term which was suspended for two years.

The court heard that on March 11 this year police searched the defendant’s home and in a bedroom they found equipment for cannabis, a cannabis leaf and 68 grams of dried cannabis.

When cautioned Johnston said: “Yea I admit to cultivation but not to intent to supply, definitely not.”

The case had been adjourned from a previous court for a probation report and District Judge Alan White said it was not the most helpful document he had read.

Richard Monteith, representing Johnston, said the report showed that because of the defendant’s addiction some options were not open and he had a relevant record.

Judge White pointed out Johnston had a number of offences over many years and was now cultivating the drug.

Mr Monteith said his client made an attempt at cultivation but had singularly failed.