Made off from car but was caught

Craigavon Courthouse
Craigavon Courthouse

When police found cannabis in a car one of the two occupants of the vehicle tried to make off but was caught.

Declan Curran (27), whose address was given as Meadowbrook, Craigavon, was fined £250 last Wednesday at the local court for unlawful possession of herbal cannabis on November 19 last year.

He was also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

The court heard that a routine police patrol in Meadowbrook smelled cannabis coming from a vehicle.

There were two occupants in the car and a search uncovered the cannabis.

Curran tried to make off but was caught and made a full admission.

His solicitor, Ms Siun Downey, said he had a short record and nothing on it was relevant.

She added that Curran was very embarrassed at what happened and he would not trouble the courts again.