Magners at core of comedy

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IT’S long been accepted that humour is at the core of any great night out in Northern Ireland.

But what exactly is it that tickles our regional fancy as we relax with our mates over a pint or two of ice cold Magners Irish Cider? Now the people behind the Province’s favourite cider are setting out to discover what makes Northern Ireland laugh.

The new Magners Comedy Core, launched this week, will not only research what gets us giggling but will also get us all laughing out loud. It creates an imaginative new home for comedy in Northern Ireland, encompassing live events, fun packed pub promotions and Magners Fridays - a weekly online celebration of exclusive comedic content plus the chance to win complimentary pints of refreshing Magners Irish Cider.

Kicking off the multi-stranded campaign will be the first exclusive Magners Comedy Core live event at the Limelight in Belfast on Thursday, June 14, headlined by Tom Deacon.

Already one of the most talked about names on the country’s comedy scene, Deacon’s recent appearances on the Rob Brydon Show and Dave’s One Night Stand sealed the deal for the young comic talent who is now firmly on the road to stardom.

Lurgan stand-up Sean Hegarty and homegrown internet sensation, Colin Geddes aka Barry the Blender, will be adding to the comic impact, bringing their own takes on the famously robust Northern Irish humour.

For more information search for magnersciderni on facebook