‘Mail’ campaign to help Ceara fundraiser

The Ceara School in Lurgan. INLM4812-216
The Ceara School in Lurgan. INLM4812-216

OVER the next three weeks the ‘Mail’ and its readers can help the Ceara School in Lurgan in a special fundraising campaign.

The school has to raise £30,000 to refurbish and modernise its Sensory Room.

And in a ‘Mail’ campaign readers can donate to the fundraising by buying the paper at certain outlets in the town.

For the editions of December 6, December 13 and December 20 promotional posters will appear in selected shops in Lurgan.

For each paper sold in those businesses the ‘Mail’ will make a donation towards the Ceara fund.

Also on each Friday for those three weeks a ‘Mail’ representative will be at one shop in Lurgan from 10am until 2pm to sell the papers.

The money raised will go towards the £30,000 needed for the Sensory Room project at the school which currently has 114 pupils.

“The refurbishment programme is to bring the Sensory Room up to date. It’s a room that all the pupils can use,” said Vice Principal Mrs Pam Evans.

“We are really excited about it. We will be the first school in Northern Ireland to use this new company and the first school in the province to use this equipment. It will be a huge asset to the school.

“It will be another classroom for the whole school to use.

“We appreciate any support we can get. The Lurgan community has always been very supportive of the school.”

Readers are asked to look out for the promotional posters from next week.

The list of participating shops can be found on the Ceara website - www.cearaschool.co.uk