Man (25) assaulted constables

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While he was being questioned about a shoplifting offence, a 25-year-old man lashed out and assaulted two constables, Craigavon Court heard last Wednesday.

Vladimirs Voroneckis, of Enniskeen admitted the theft of goods, valued at £19.70, from Sainsbury’s on July 6, two assaults on the police and obstructing a constable.

He was put on probation for 12 months and ordered to do 100 hours community service.

The court heard that at 9.20am in Sainsbury’s Voroneckis was seen on CCTV to open packets of meat and place it in a carrier bag.

He went to two other isles and put chocolate bars and batteries in the bag. After paying for some items he left the store without paying for the items in the carrier bag.

When he was being interviewed he said he wanted a doctor and fell off his chair.

Police moved to assist him and he struck out, hitting a constable on his leg and punching him on the arm

He kicked another constable on the leg and obstructed an officer by giving him a false name.

Defence said he had been drinking heavily the night before and was quite drunk.

He added that his client had done community service in the past and he asked the judge to consider it again.

District Judge, Mr Alan White said Voroneckis was heading for custody if he did not stop offending.