Man dies following tragic road accident

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THE 27-year-old man who died following a road accident in Derrytrasna has been described as ‘a country boy’.

James Glenn was a hard working and helpful man, who loved tractors and loved the country. He’d celebrated his 27 birthday on June 1.

His mother Janice said: “He was known as ‘Mo’ because he’d always be cutting grass. By grass I mean big fields. Even when he wasn’t working he didn’t sit about doing nothing. He’d always find something to do or someone to help.”

James, a former pupil of King’s Park and Brownlow College, divided his time between the family home in the Palms area of the Charlestown Road and also spent time with his mother at Charles Baron Manor in Lurgan. He’d tried living in Lurgan and Glenavy as well, but his family told how he kept coming back to his roots in the country.

His father Tass said: “James was a country boy. His life was tractors. He was always happiest when he was in the country staying with me or with his friends.”

James was an honorary member of the Tighe family and was also very close to Dermot McKavanagh, who passed away several days before James.

Tass said: “Dermot was like a father to him. He’d have been driving Dermot’s tractors from no age.”

Janice commented: “When James went out to the country there were about three or four houses he could call into that were homes to him. He was welcome wherever he went.”

Janice said: “He will be unbelievably missed by his family and friends.

“His friends sat with him until daybreak on the day of his funeral.”

She added: “James didn’t always tell you where he’d been or what he’d been doing. In the days after he died there were so many visitors and I learnt so much about him.”

Tass and James had both worked for the Norman Emerson Group and the family were good friends of the Emersons. Pastor Philip Emerson from the Emmanuel Church took James’ funeral service at his home in Charles Baron Manor on Monday.

It was followed by interment at Lurgan Cemetery.

The family have asked for donations in lieu of flowers to Ceara School.

James will be dearly missed by his mother and father, Janice and Tass, his sister Anita, his brother Alex, nephew Nathan and niece Jessica and the wider family circle. His friends are devastated by James’ death, including his girlfriend of five years, Laura Devreaux.