Man has his teeth knocked out trying to break up fight

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A man has been arrested after he put a PSNI officer in hospital and knocked the teeth out of another male, who was trying to break up a fight.

Describing the incident, a spokesperson for Newry PSNI said: “He picked a fight in the town and when someone intervened to split it up he relieved them of a couple of their own teeth by means of a few punches.

“Police had just arrived and he took to his toes snd bolted toward more Officers. Despite being told to stop and stand still the suspect kept running knocking two officers off their feet and putting one in A&E with a suspected broken shoulder.

“The suspect was finally taken to ground by a crude rugby tackle and restrained.

“He remains in custody.

“Our thanks to the A&E staff in Daisy Hill. One Doctor should have finished work 3 hours earlier but was still there when we left.”