Man’s nephew drove car ‘short distance’

Craigavon Court House. INLM0311-117gc
Craigavon Court House. INLM0311-117gc
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A man who let his nephew drive his car “no more than 10 yards” has been fined for allowing him to drive with no insurance.

He was Gerard Majella Hagan, Boconnell Lane, Lurgan, and the incident occurred in Castle Lane on July 21, 2013.

The defendant told Craigavon Court on Friday that his nephew drove the car off the road to park it.

Both men have insurance but Hagan didn’t realise the insurance didn’t cover his nephew.

He was fined £150, a £15 offender’s levy, and issued with six penalty points.

District Judge Mervyn Bates said it was an unfortunate situation.