Man told police that he was 
‘Mickey Mouse’

Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.
Craigavon Courthouse. INPT21-239.

A Lurgan man refused to give police his name and told them he was ‘Mickey Mouse from Disneyland’, Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Wednesday.

Twenty-four-year-old Steven McClelland, Russell Drive, Lurgan, was fined £200, with a £15 offender’s levy, for disorderly behaviour on April 6 this year.

He was also bound over in the sum of £900 to keep the peace and be of good behaviour for two years.

The court heard that at 1.30am police received a report of an assault in Union Street in Lurgan. They saw two males in the middle of the road. The defendant was asked to move but he refused.

McClelland then got in between the police and another man and pushed the officer. Again he was told to move away but he grabbed the officer by the shoulder and would not let go.

He was arrested for disorderly behaviour and said to police to get off him and stop hurting him.

McClelland refused to give his name and said he was ‘Mickey Mouse from Disneyland’.

The crowd at the scene reacted and became hostile and the defendant, who was drunk, refused to get into the police vehicle.

Mr Richard Monteith, representing the defendant, said McClelland had a considerable amount of drink taken.

He added that police were in the area on other matters and the defendant was playing to the audience. It was a case of the drink in and the wit out.