Man tried to swing on flower pots in town centre

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After consuming a lot of alcohol a 24-year-old damaged flower displays in Portadown when he tried to swing on them.

Daniel Hamill, Parkside, Portadown, admitted criminal damage to the displays belonging to Craigavon Borough Council on June 24 this year and obstructing a constable.

For the first offence he was fined £75 while he was fined £120 for obstruction and also ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy.

Craigavon Magistrates Court heard last Friday that at 1.05am in West Street CCTV caught the defendant tipping over large planters at that location.

Police found Hamill but before they could speak to him any further he ran off into a car park.

Police gave chase and apprehended him but he refused to give any details until he was being taken to Lurgan police station.

Mr Joe McDonald, representing the defendant, said that on the night in question Hamill had gone straight from work to a local bar.

He added that the defendant had a lot of alcohol taken and tried to swing on the planters.Mr McDonald said that when he showed the CCTV coverage to his client Hamill was shocked and his parents were not happy about his behaviour.