Man was foaming at the mouth

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A man caught in possession of cannabis and Diazepam has been fined by a local magistrate.

Peter Young (25), of Canning Grove, Crumlin pleaded guilty to the offences, which took place on July 5.

The court heard how, on that date, police on patrol came across a group of youths at an underpass at Lisburn Civic Centre.

They spoke to the defendant who was clearly intoxicated and there was a strong smell of cannabis and he had foam like substance on his mouth.

It was added that Young admitted to police he “had just smoked a joint.” The court heard that during a search police found cannabis, a grinder and 126 tablets of Diazepam.

A defending solicitor told Lisburn Magistrates’ Court that Young had difficulties with drugs but was actively seeking help. Defence said: “His offending has reduced dramatically, he is now in settled housing. He is being offered help. This is a man who is trying to deal with issues.

“His partner, who he has just had a child with, told him that he wasn’t going to be on the birth certificate. He was angry and fell back into his old habits.”

Defence suggested that Young be made the subject of a probation order, however District Judge Mark Hamill said that the defendant has previously had probation orders imposed.

Judge Hamill said that people caught in possession of drugs are victims, whereas those who supply drugs are predators. He fined Young £75 for each offence.