Martin lobbies Westminster on climate change


Lurgan man, Martin Dummigan, is travelling to London next week to take part in a mass lobby of MPs around the threat of climate change.

The lobby takes place on Wednesday, 17 June, and Martin will travel by ferry and coach, as part of a Trócaire delegation, to join thousands of other campaigners from across the UK to highlight what has been described as ‘the biggest threat facing the world today’.

“I have been a Trócaire volunteer for many years and last year visited Ethiopia,” said Martin.

“I have learned that the biggest challenge facing people in the developing world, who are trying to feed their families, is the effects of climate change. Rains come late or not at all, and this makes it impossible for communities in some of the world’s poorest countries to plan their planting and grow enough food. Every day is a fight for survival. The people who have done least to contribute to climate change are suffering the most from its effects.”

He said 2015 is a crucial year in the fight against climate change, with world leaders meeting in Paris in December to agree a legally-binding and universal agreement on cilmate.

“It’s not too late to act on climate change,” Martin explained. “The solutions are here but we need political will at the highest level to ensure that something tangible is done. The decisions taken in Paris will have huge ramifications for people, not just in the poorest countries but here at home as well. We need the UK government to take a lead in the Paris negotiations and the lobby aims to ensure that our MPS, including David Simpson for Upper Bann, are aware of the strength of feeling on this issue in their constituencies, and use whatever influence they have to make sure our demands are met.”

Campaigners are calling on the UK government to act, both internationally and domestically.

“We want the government to implement a series of actions that include backing a low carbon plan here at home, that will ensure homes are energy efficient and that clean, safe power sources are prioritised so that pollution is reduced. Internationally, we want a global goal that would see pollution from fossil fuels eradicated by 2050, and support for developing countries so that they can achieve clean development. We must act now before it’s too 

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