Master McGrath should return to town

IN last week’s Mail we revealed that Craigavon Borough Council is considering returning bronze statue of legendary greyhound Master McGrath to Lurgan.

We asked what do you thought about this and where do you think it should be situated?

On Twitter I Love Lurgan @I_Love_Lurgan said: “Will anyone be coming to visit #Lurgan to see the Master Mcgrath dog back in its rightful place?? #LurganForTourism”

On Facebook Robin Thompson said: “If they do, it’ll need to be guarded day and night, Carmel. Have you seen the price of scrap-metal in recent days?”

David Hogg said: “Town centre, there’s nothing else there.”

Aileen Hurley McGibbon said: “Lurgan Park”. A suggestion Colin Alexander agreed with.

Dromore Picture-Framing said: “Castle”, while Sonya McConaghy said: “In the park, considering that he belonged to the Brownlows he should be either in the park or outside Brownlow house”

Stephen Mc Nally said: “Definitely not at Civic Centre. ‘Up the town’ somewhere.”

Shaneen Marie said: “Put him in the town centre. All that pathway now. I couldn’t be bothered walking down to the park to see it. LOL.”