Mayor calls for action on flooding

Following a weekend of flooding in Waringstown and Donaghcloney, the Mayor of Craigavon has demanded action be taken to tackle the problem.

DUP Councillor Mark Baxter fetched his umbrella and took to the streets to survey some of the worst affected areas and his findings have prompted him to make a plea to both the Department of Regional Development and NI Water.

He said: “I become increasingly frustrated year on year at this problem and the lack of foresight by DRD and NI Water especially in our rural areas.

“On speaking to officials I’m told that drains become blocked with leaves thus rendering the system unable to cope if there any significant falls of rain.

“Given the fact that October and November are historically our two wettest months I think it is a serious failing and lack of foresight on behalf of these agencies involved not to have plans in place to combat this problem.”

Mr Baxter added: “I took a drive round the both villages at the weekend and there were numerous floods at the usual hotspots.

“To be frank I’m sick, sore and tired of reporting these problem areas with little or no action being taken.

“I call on both DRD and NI Water to tackle this problem and use a joined up and common sense approach.

“We have wet autumns and we have leaf litter and roads are flooded as a result.

“In 2013 this isn’t acceptable.”