McGibbon in realm warning

SINN Féin Councillor Johnny McGibbon says disruption caused by public realm works in Lurgan “can and must be kept to a minimum”.

Mr McGibbon said works, left unfinished for long periods, during Phase 1 of the investment had caused unnecessary disruption to motorists and pedestrians.

“At the time our party raised these issues and the consequences for public safety with the relevant council officers. We sought and received assurances that future works would only be undertaken after an implementation strategy had been put in place.”

He added “We must bear in mind that this project represents a £2 million investment. It is inevitable that such a major scheme will cause some disruption. It is essential that this disruption is kept to a minimum and to that end we met with council and DSD officers in advance of the work. We made it clear to both bodies that a phased plan, which would ensure the completion of one section before the commencement of another, was essential and we will continually monitor progress to ensure that such a system is adhered to.”