Meet Deano, he loves to chase criminals in Craigavon


Not every dog has its day but young Deano, a fresh recruit to the PSNI certainly cuts a dash in the race to apprehend criminals in Craigavon.

He arrived with his ‘equally lovely handler’ to help police in Craigavon this morning.

“We were driving around at about 3.30am when we spotted a silver Peugeot 106 who’s driver was not happy to see us! A number of people made off from the car...cue Deano,” said a PSNI officer.

“Fortunately for the runners, they evaded Deano this time.

“He’s promised us though that if he sees them again he will ‘introduce himself’ fully.

“Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. This time however, we still took an uninsured and un MOT’d car off the road.

“It may have been drugs, it may have been burglary, it may have been something else.

“If you know someone who arrived home in the early hours of this morning looking tired and cold, or has been driving a car like that recently, call us on 101. Incident 103 of 23/02/16.

“If however you have recently lost a Silver Peugeot 106 in the Tullygally area of Craigavon...we found it! Come in to talk to us and meet Deano.”