Memorial mural is defaced by paint bombers

The Somme Memorial Mural on Avenue Road.
The Somme Memorial Mural on Avenue Road.

The Somme Memorial Mural on Lurgan’s Avenue Road has come under attack.

Paint bombers struck at the memorial last night (Wednesday) with residents in the area waking up to the sorry sight of the defaced mural.

Local DUP Councillor Carla Lockhart hit out at those responsible: “So last night some individuals thought it would be funny to deface and paint bomb a memorial to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice at the Battle of the Somme!

“Almost 100 years ago brave men went over the top to fight for our freedom and our civil and religious liberties the people that did this know NOTHING about bravery sneaking about in the darkness of night trying to destroy!

“This will be cleaned today!”

Upper Bann PUP representative Aaron Dowey condemned the overnight attack.

Aaron said: “I have been down to inspect this damage as soon as we heard and it’s very disappointing to see, this is depicting nothing more offensive than the history of our gallant heroes of previous generations and to attack it serves no purpose that I can fathom.

“Again mindless thugs have used the cover of darkness to wreck a mural in a Unionist area, just as they did last year at the mural in Mourneview, and we’re left scratching our heads as we try to work out what has been achieved.”

Aaron went on: “All these people are looking to do is raise tensions and start a futile tit-for-tat campaign of hate and I urge young loyalists not to be drawn into these games which will do nothing but visit hurt on our respective communities in Lurgan.

“The people of this town deserve better and there is no cause which can be furthered by this pointless vandalism.

“Hopefully representatives from all quarters condemn this and let those in their community who would engage in this activity know that it has no place if we want to build a shared, peaceful future respective of all traditions. Any assistance that we can give to help sort out the mural we are here to help.”