Millennium Way finish is a long way off

SAMUEL Gardiner is the latest politician to express his fury at the delay over the completion of Millennium Way.

The Upper Bann MLA expressed his acute disappointment that the final part of the new road which would see it extended to Gilford Road will not to be completed in the near future.

He said: “I have led delegations from the town to meet the Regional Development Minister and I have raised the matter with him on many occasions, the most recent being last Monday.

“The Minister told me that the money for the Millennium Way completion was simply not there now that the Executive had agreed the A5 which was backed financially by the Dublin government. It seems this road scheme, which is so very expensive, is knocking a lot of more reasonably priced schemes out of the way.

“I impressed on the Minister that the relatively small amount needed to complete the Millennium Way was comparatively modest in terms of big road schemes. The A5, for example, is likely to cost £844 million. The widening of the A2 road at Greenisland will cost some £57 million.”

Mr Gardiner added: “It would be wrong to say that I am not acutely disappointed by this let-down for Lurgan. Needless to say, I will continue to lobby for the Millennium Way. It is ridiculous that a road scheme promised in 1976 is not yet fully delivered some thirty six years later. Planning permission was granted for the extension in 2006 and renewed in 2012 so though it is still live, the money is not there to do it.”