‘Mindless vandals’ slammed

Colin McCusker. INLM4710-881con
Colin McCusker. INLM4710-881con

The Mayor of Craigavon, councillor Colin McCusker has slammed ‘mindless vandals” for adding an extra burden on the ratepayers of Craigavon.

A brand new bin recently installed at the Kosy Bakery in Union Street was recently set on fire, destroying the bin.

After the bin had been replaced, the mayor said: “I was disgusted when I was contacted by the Kosy Bakery to say this bin had been destroyed.

“The council installed this bin to alleviate the problem of litter, and locals were delighted with the difference it had made to litter in the area.

“Clearly some mindless vandal has decided it would be funny to set fire to this bin. What these people don’t realise is that it takes the guts of £500 to replace one of these bins, which is a burden that must be borne by the ratepayers.

“Recently we have replaced bus shelters which have been destroyed within days.

Communities must realise that these crimes need to be reported if they are to stop, because if they continue, they will only serve to increase the burden on the ratepayers of the new council,” said the mayor.