“Miss Anonymous, you are a hero,” say PSNI

Stolen bicycle
Stolen bicycle

The PSNI has hailed an anonymous Good Samaritan a ‘hero’ after a young teenage boy’s bike was stolen in Lurgan.

The bike had been a Christmas present to a 14-year-old but was stolen outside Heatons by a man in a black hoody at 6pm on January 28.

However after reading about the sad news, a Good Samaritan contacted the PSNI with the offer of a bike for the child.

The PSNI in Craigavon that while most of the work they do is because something bad has happened and someone somewhere has done something selfish, they were pleased at the generous donation from this kindly woman.

The police issued an appeal after the bike was stolen and a PSNI spokesperson said: “A Good Samaritan read that appeal and didn’t much like it! She got in touch and, in her own words:

“When I saw the post on Facebook my heart just went out to the young fella who had received this bike for Christmas.

“I just thought that it was absolutely disgusting that any person could steal a bike from a child.

“I had a bike in my shed that I knew wouldn’t be used so I thought that it would just be a nice gesture to donate it to a good home.”

The PSNI spokesperson said: “Wow!! People are awesome sometimes, aren’t they?! I spoke on the phone a few moments ago to the young lad and he’s understandably delighted to have another new bike!

“Our Good Samaritan has asked to remain anonymous, so on behalf of the whole community can I say: Miss Anonymous, you’re a hero, and Craigavon needs more people like you! Thank you!”