Missing Millie found safe

Millie safe and well.
Millie safe and well.

A missing dog which has been the subject of a dedicated community search over the past 18 days has been located safe and well.

The good news came on the Facebook page dedicated to finding the runaway Bichon Frise on Friday evening (August 18)

On the Missing Millie page it was reported: "Happy Friday everyone. Update day 18. My very very last update.

"To say we are over the moon is an understatement, we can't thank everyone enough, especially those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, staying out all night, setting traps, printing posters, putting posters up, driving about watching and waiting, no need for names, you know who you are.

"I have never seen a community get behind this wee tinker or will we call her stinker now lol, (I know what I want to call her but won't be right for this page) as much in my life. We seriously can't thank you all enough.

"Now to explain how we caught her.

"We got a phone call to say that a girl was out on her horse and seen a wee bichon in a field and the girl was just watching her, the lovely Deb McCorry and her hubby Mark rushed to the field on the Backwood road.

"When Millie seen them she ran and Mark took off after her and caught her, she gave Mark a wee bite, just to thank him for catching her.

"Her foster mum Jean arrived within seconds and was able to pick her up. Millie is in good shape and no worst for wear been vet checked, bathed and is now back with her family.

"We have all spent many a sleepless night over this wee madam.

"Never ever give up cause we didn't."