Mission Hope hailed a huge success

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EVEN by the most objective standards Mission Hope 2012 has been a tremendous success with Shankill Church filled to capacity - and at times beyond - over the eight night run.

With keynote speaker Jay Lowder delivering a powerful message the eight day mission brought people of all ages to the big church to hear the Gospel message delivered by a very honest and forthright Texan.

Supported by top gospel bands such as Live Issue, the Metropolitan Tabernacle Choir and the talented Andy Oakes, Shankill’s refurbished walls fairly shook.

Organiser’s spokesman Gerald Hewitt told the ‘MAIL’: “Mission Hope has been a tremendous success as we have witnessed so many people accept Jesus as Saviour plus many others renewed their commitment to Jesus as Lord of their lives.

“The attendance each night filled the church and on the last night even with extra seating the young people stood around the gallery to hear Jay preach.

“We are so thankful to the team of over 200 people who have been involved in the mission.Their commitment has been vital.

“We can now reflect and give thanks to God for these eight special days when He changed many lives.

“Mission Hope has lived up to it’s name, it has brought a message of Hope to the people of Lurgan.”

Jay was humbled by the reception he received in the town as he bore witness for his faith in God in a quietly persuasive and refreshingly honest way.

Part of Harvest Ministries, Jay’s story is a fascinating one and, with a book coming out later this year, is sure to reach more people with his words. The book, now available to preorder online, comes out on September 2 and is titled ‘Midnight in Aisle Seven’.

The book gets its title from an incident at Walmart, at midnight around Christmas time when Jay and his wife had a surprise encounter while shopping for some Christmas decorations.

Mission Hope brought together 15 churches in its organisation and on Friday and Saturday focused on reaching out to young people with praise of God supplemented with a tasty barbecue.