Mixed views on opening ceremony

We asked What did you think of the Olympic opening ceremony. Here’s what you had to say:

Chris Trainor said: “Thought it was brilliant until they wheeled out aul plastic face singing ‘hey Jude’ for a change.”

Marc Woods commented: “A fantastic ceremony with fun, laughter and excitement. Great to see such tributes to Health Service, Music and Modern Technology etc. Well done to the citizens of the United Kingdom and here’s every success to Team GB and NI, Go for Gold!”

Shaun Stevenson added: “Good luck to the Irish team as well.”

Louise Calvert posted: “Absolutely fantastic ceremony! Nice to see what we can pull off!! Proud to be British.”

Kirsty Donnelly said: “Dismal. Hope all the budget cuts were worth it.”

Graeme Yer Man Cousins commented: “I missed it because I was on the razz with the Lurgan Mail crew. Hope it’s repeated at some stage.”

Hannah Marlow said: “There was soooo many countries I had never ever heard of lol”