MLA claims comments ‘out of context’

A Sinn Fein MLA has said his comments in support of the Dickson Plan were taken out of context.

Lurgan College Politics students were invited to Stormont last week to pose questions to MLAs. The burning issue for College students was the future of the Dickson Plan.

Following the seminar it began circulating on Twitter that SF MLA Declan McAleer had spoken out in favour of the Dickson Plan, a system which his party colleague John O’Dowd has criticised.

Mr McAleer told the ‘MAIL’: “The comments I made have been taken out of context. I was speaking specifically about the fact they don’t test children at 11.

“I said this should be rolled out across the country.

“My comments were made in relation to the concept of testing at 11 more so than the plan in its entirety. I then went on to speak about the 11 Plus.”