MLAs give support to Corey family

THE family of Lurgan republican Martin Corey are to seek a meeting with Secretary of State Owen Paterson.

The news comes after Mr Corey’s brother and sister met with high-ranking members of Sinn Fein and the SDLP.

Mr Corey served 19 years in prison for the killing of two RUC officers in 1973. He was released in 1992.

The Secretary of State revoked his licence in April 2010 after he was deemed to be a “security risk”, although no evidence has been presented to a court.

The 61-year-old has been held in Maghaberry prison since then.

The family met with Upper Bann MLA Dolores Kelly and SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie.

They also met with Education Minister John O’Dowd, Craigavon councillor Johnny McGibbon and MLA Raymond McCartney.

One member of the Corey family told the ‘MAIL’ that the meetings went “extremely well”.

“They were all very understanding and supportive,” he said.

“They gave us an undertaking that they will do anything they can to help our case.

“We appreciate greatly the time they gave us out of their busy schedules.”

He continued: “Raymond McCartney said he will keep the pressure on in the Justice Committee.

“Margaret Ritchie will be seeking a meeting with Owen Paterson in Westminster this week.

“Indeed, we will be pushing for our own meeting with him.

“The politicians we met with all agreed that Martin’s case is a travesty of justice.”

Dolores Kelly said she will continue to support the family.

“The Coreys were at pains to point out that this is a family campaign,” she said.

“We did leave on a positive note and serious actions were agreed.

“We advised them to take their case up with some of the British political parties.”

Mrs Kelly added: “We will be giving them as much political support and advice as we can.”

Cllr McGibbon described Mr Corey’s imprisonment as an “abhorrence of the principles of justice”.

“We continue to give our on-going support to Martin Corey’s family,” he said.

“The continued detention of Martin Corey without any charge is wrong.

“If there are charges against him then those charges should be put to him in front of a properly constituted court where he can defend himself.

“Detaining people without charge is not how a justice system should be run.

“This is internment under a guise and it is an abhorrence of the principles of justice.”

Cllr McGibbon added: “If there are no charges against him, then Martin Corey should be released without further delay.”