Moira shop taken to task by Italian firm

A MOIRA clothes shop has been forced to re-band its name following a dispute with an Italian fashion firm.

Mandy Baxter, 48, is the owner of Pollini Fashions but has had to re-brand her business as ‘New U @ 92’ in a bid to resolve a threat of high court action over an alleged breach of trademark.

Mandy took over the business five years ago said she kept on the name of the shop, which has been in Moira for almost 30 years and serving customers for the past 17 years under the Pollini name.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Pollini based in Italy first contacted Mandy last month and requested she cease trading under the Pollini name.

“I immediately deleted all the social media pages I had set up and came up with a new name and have started to re-brand the business,” Mandy explained.

“I can’t believe this has happened. I am a single mother trying to make a living in a difficult time and I am having to go through this,” she said.

Mandy added: “I have no control over history pages but apart from that I have done my best to meet the demands of the Italian firm but it has been very stressful and intimidating.

“I am devastated at the fact that I am being subjected to this as anything I did was in innocence and I have tried to rectify and comply with the Italian Firm’s requests.