Moira street light problem is to be resolved

Moira village
Moira village

A street lighting problem in Moira will finally be resolved with the DRD promising to repair a fault which has plagued the area for close to a month.

Lisburn’s Deputy Mayor Alexander Redpath has been assured the ‘over-burning’ streets lights at Earlsfort are finally scheduled for repair.

Mr Redpath claimed he had been inundated with complaints from constituents over the large outage that affected the street lights over a month ago, and the DRD carried out repairs.

However, no sooner were the lights repaired than they were left on 24/7 much to the annoyance of local residents.

Councillor Redpath said, “I was pleased to arrange for the repair of these street lights over the Christmas period.

“Sadly it soon became apparent that the lights suffered a fault which caused them to burn all day as well as during the hours of darkness.

“A number of residents complained of the waste of electricity as a result.

“The overburning also puts pressure on the lights and if left unchecked would reduce their useful life span and result in more frequent repairs thus starting the problem all over again.

“I have been liaising with the Department of Regional Development and I was informed the repairs have been programmed for this week.”

Mr Redpath said that he looks forward to the problem being finally resolved once and for all.

A TransportNI spokesperson said: “Engineers have investigated this matter and found a fault with the electrical control equipment.

“A temporary repair has been made which means that the lighting system will stay ‘on’ until a permanent repair can be made. The work is expected to be completed by Monday, February 1.

“TransportNI developed a new online street lighting reporting system on NI Direct which the public can use to log faults at: http:// or phone 0300 200 7893 (9am to 5pm) and Emergency After Hours 028 9025 3000 (24 Hours).”