Motorists told to heed signs

LURGAN police warned those showing a ‘blatant disregard’ of keep clear signs outside schools face being fined.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding motorists to pay attention to traffic direction and signage outside all schools.

The reminder comes following reports of ‘blatant disregard’ of Keep Clear signs outside Lurgan Model Primary School at Brownlow Terrace.

Police said a number of motorists are parking along the clearly marked ‘Keep Clear’ area at the front of the school, particularly around collection time at 3pm.

Constable Gray, Lurgan NPT, said: “The signs at the front of the school are there to ensure the safety of pupils and all road users. I am asking all motorists to adhere to the traffic signs before someone is injured or worse.

“We understand that parents are keen to get close to the school however adhering to the Keep Clear signs will ensure that everyone can leave school and get home safely.

“We will be conducting patrols in this area and those who continue to ignore the signs will be spoken to and face the real possibility of being fined.”