Moutray urged to stand down as Anderson quits council position

Ulster Unionist Councillor Colin McCusker has called for the DUP to end double-jobbing between Craigavon Borough Council and the Assembly.

Alderman Sydney Anderson stood from his councillor’s role on Monday night to be replaced by Jonathan Buckley, but Alderman Stephen Moutray still retains his dual mandate.

MrMcCusker, said: “The Ulster Unionist Party have long been advocates of bringing an end to dual mandates

“In the past weeks a number of DUP MLAs have finally given up their council seats, with Alderman Anderson being the latest, but sadly Stephen Moutray seems reluctant to relinquish his position on Craigavon Council. The DUP made the commitment in their 2010 manifesto – surely this is at least one pledge they can honour.

“Or maybe the persistent double-jobbers within the DUP are a sign of a second front being shown the way by Gregory Campbell and Sammy Wilson who continue in their roles at Stormont while retaining their Westminster roles.

“It should not require legislation in the form of the NI (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill, currently passing through Parliament to force them to do what is right for Northern Ireland.

“The electorate in Craigavon and Upper Bann rightly expect elected representatives to devote sufficient time to their respective roles. At present some DUP MLAs clearly think it is possible to be in two places at once.”

Making his final speech in the council chamber Mr Anderson said it had been an honour to serve the borough of Craigavon for the 12 years he has been a council member.

During that time he served as Deputy Mayor for a term and then was elected First Citizen in 2008-09.

He said that over the years he had seen the council progress in many ways.

His successor Mr Buckley, he added, had a ‘wise head on young shoulders’.

After recalling some of the highlights of his time on the council he said: “I will miss the cut and thrust of debate. Thank you and good night.”