MP committed to finding resolution to surgery debacle

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Following the recommendation from the Independent Health Review Panel to move surgery for congenital heart disease to Dublin at Stormont on Tuesday 
Upper Bann MP David 
Simpson has stated he is “committed to finding a resolution”.

Mr Simpson whose constituency has been to the fore of the very vocal and effective Hands-Up 
Campaign said, “This news today has added to the fear factor within families who have children and young people affected by 
congenital heart disease.”

“These families have been on a long journey with regards to their campaign and fight for the retention of this service in Belfast.

“I personally have to commend those within my own constituency who have been so pro-active in their lobby and I would say to them today I remain committed to 
getting a resolution to this situation and ensuring that the children affected are right at the very heart of the final decision making process.”

“I want to see a service that is fit for purpose and one that saves lives.

“I have in the past worked closely with the former Health Minister in this 
regard and I will continue to work with the newly appointed Minister Jim Wells MLA.

“I have requested an urgent meeting with the minister to discuss this matter and to relay the concerns 
families within my 
constituency have