MP encourages students

David Simpson. INLM4510-917con
David Simpson. INLM4510-917con

Following the release of the A Level results last week, local MP David Simpson congratulated all the young people and encouraged those who had not received the results they were hoping for to seek advice from the many outlets available - and to help them explore all their options.

He said: “For many, you will have received results that have exceeded your expectations and you are now on the road to a career path that leads to your life aspirations. Whether this leads to University, College or the world of work; I wish you well.

“Work hard, stay focused and you will reach the aspirations you deserve. Northern Ireland continually showcases a vast array of talent, skills and academics and this is something we are all proud of.

“Unfortunately for some, you have been left disappointed with your results and you are now at a crossroads, wondering where your future plans are going. There is a fantastic network of advice open to students now and I advise that you take advantage of these services in order for you to reach your potential and meet the goals you have set in life.”