Mr Tayto looking for love

After showing the world how blue he was feeling, Mr Tayto has once again got that familiar yellow glow back in his cheeks and an extra spring in his step.

The castle-owning, gentle giant recently revealed he had decided to look for a friend to keep him company once he has finished his official duties for the day.

These include ensuring that every one of the million bags of crisps and snacks which roll off his production line in Tandragee every week meet his exacting standards and visiting his many fans across the country.

His good friend, Crispin, explains: “Mr Tayto has spent many years in his Castle and although he gets out and about across Northern Ireland on official crisp business – always with a big smile on his face, he is sometimes lonely inside. Everyone loves to see him and he enjoys meeting new people but when he goes home, it is a microwave meal for one and a big sofa with no one to cuddle up to on a cold rainy evening.

“When he looked around him and realised that everyone else has a companion – Mickey has Minnie, Superman has Lois Lane and even Homer with all his faults has Marge, he finally decided to take matters into his own hands and since then, he really has gone all out to find love. He placed a Lonely Hearts ad and he has been overwhelmed by the response!

“He has had offers from ladies across Northern Ireland and further afield, with some offering to take him to see ‘50 Shades of Grey’ but he has declined as his favourite colour is most definitely yellow and he is not sure if grey would suit him!

“Suggestions for his perfect lady have included Miss Poppy Corn, Naranjito, the Spanish Orange from the 1982 World Cup and Maris Piper. He is just thrilled that there are so many possibilities out there for a big yellow fellow in this day and age.

“Mr Tayto really has been especially delighted with everyone’s support and he is hopeful that it will reach his ‘one in a million’.

“He really is much more positive now and feels his search is going in the right direction. He has even been reading up on how to find the perfect partner as well as putting together a rather ap’peel’ing online dating profile.

“If you have any suggestions for a perfect girlfriend for him or perhaps a few chat up lines he could use, please email him at or let him know via Tayto’s Facebook or Twitter. He really is a good old spud and I have assured him there’s bound to be someone out there for such a great guy.”

Mr Tayto’s search for his perfect partner continues. Follow his progress on or @MrTaytoNI.