Mum Jacqueline kept up healthy eating while expecting Kai

New mother Jacqueline Hossain pictured with little Kai and Jill Ellis, manager of Slimming World group which meets in Moira.
New mother Jacqueline Hossain pictured with little Kai and Jill Ellis, manager of Slimming World group which meets in Moira.
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WHEN Lurgan woman Jacqueline Hossain started attending Slimming World classes to drop some pounds, little did she know that the classes would have such a positive impact on her life that she would continue to attend while pregnant with her son Kai.

Jacqueline started attending Slimming World sessions at St John’s Parish Centre, Moira, nine months before she became pregnant, and she amazingly continued to attend sessions during her preganancy, missing only one, when she gave birth to Kai whose birth weight was 7Ibs and 4oz.

Talking about her extraordinary achievement, Jacqueline said, “I really enjoy going to my Slimming World group in Moira and have come a long way on my weight loss journey. When I became pregnant with Kai I didn’t want to slip back into my bad old ways, I know food optimising is a healthy eating plan and I wanted to keep on my weight loss journey.”

She continued, “Throughout my pregnancy I found it easy to stick to the food optimising plan; you’re allowed to eat what you want when you want. I’ve tried a lot of diet plans and this is the easiest and most effective I’ve ever used.

“I knew I needed to lose weight, I know I’ve still got more to lose and wouldn’t dream of stopping now. Everyone in group is really supportive, they are just like an extended family.”

Jacqueline’s slimming consultant, Jill Ellis said: “We have had a number of Slimming World babies in the group but Jacqueline is the first mum to attend group through her whole pregnancy. All the members of group were very excited about the arrival of little Kai.

“It has been wonderful to share Jacqueline’s fantastic weight loss journey, the birth of her son and even more so to support her through her pregnancy, she is truely inspirational to others. Mothers and babies are always very welcome at our group.”

Slimming World aims to support expectant mums through every stage of their pregnancy. Working in partnership with the Royal College of Midwives, Slimming World aims to support pregnant women and breastfeeding mums to manage their weight in a healthy way through pregnancy.

The company has devised an adapted version of its food optimising eating plan, especially for pregnant members. The organisation does not advise members on their weight change during pregnancy but supports them to eat healthily and follow any specific recommendations given by their midwife or health professional.

The Moira group meet on Thursday at 9.30am, 5pm and 7pm at St John’s Parish Centre, Main Street, Moira. For more information contact Jill Ellis on 0770 930 1686.