Mum’s fear as girl nearly dies


A teenage girl who took a ‘legal high’ and ended up in hospital was close to death, her mother has revealed

She told the ‘MAIL’ that was the grim message staff at Craigavon Hospital had given her, going on to tell her the girl was ‘very lucky to be alive’.

The distraught mum said she had thought her daughter had been staying at a friend’s house and had no idea until she got a knock on her door that her daughter had been trying such drugs.

She said she was torn between being furious with her daughter for taking the drug and relief that she is alive and that she is not having to organise her daughter’s funeral.

The mother told the ‘MAIL’ that her daughter had begged her on Saturday night to go to a friend’s house and watch a DVD.

“Her friend lives close to us and I know her family so I let her go,” she said.

However, she revealed that despite her friend’s best efforts, her daughter left her mate’s house and went to a party in Rectory Park in Lurgan. “Her friend even gave her money to get a taxi home,” she said.

There the 17-year-old called another female friend and they joined two males at the house in Rectory Park.

The mum said her daughter claimed they were offered the legal high Salvia and one of the men rolled a joint which they all took turns smoking.

However, both girls took a severe reaction to the drug and one of the men called an ambulance.

“She said she had woke up to robots working on her and putting needles in her. I told her ‘They were NOT robots but nurses and doctors trying to save your life’,” the distraught mum told the ‘MAIL’.

A PSNI spokesperson said: “Salvia is a psychoactive plant which can induce visions and other hallucinatory experiences. It certainly was not a good experience for the two young females.”

David Simpson MP said he will be meeting the Chief Constable of the PSNI to speak to him specifically about this incident in Lurgan and look at the long term strategy of criminalising these drugs.