Mystery surrounds old golf club cup

Golf club cup
Golf club cup

Mystery surrounds the history of an old Lurgan Golf Club cup which was unearthed during a recent house clearance.

The cup dates back to 1932 and was handed back to Lurgan Golf Club amid mystery as to its origin.

The inscription on the cup says Lurgan Golf Club Challenge Cup. Presented by James Duff JP 1932.

It is a solid silver cup on 
a black base with three plates with names engraved as 
follows: Won by Menary 
Bros 1932; Won by J Monteith 1933; Won by J Monteith 

A spokesperson for Lurgan Golf Club said: “The cup was found during a house clearing of a family member by 
a Mr Monteith who was 
originally from this area. It may have been that J Monteith won it three years and as was the tradition in those days, if you won a trophy three times you got to keep the trophy.

“We would like to find out more about the trophy. Who is James Duff JP? What was the Challenge Cup? How was 
it played? Why in 1932 was it Menary Bros, which would be plural, who won it, yet in 1933 and 1934 there is only one name?

“If you know anything please email us on

“It is a beautiful trophy and if the history was in keeping we could perhaps have it played for again.”