Name that prince!

The birth of the new Prince of Cambridge has been the most eagerly anticipated event of the year – and now he is here the celebrations have begun!

Craigavon Borough Council has decided to join in the festivities with the Mayor of Craigavon, Councillor Mark Baxter running a fabulous and fun competition for all residents of the borough to guess the first name of the royal baby!

The competition will run until the baby is officially named and for those who guess the name correctly will then have the honour of attending an ‘It’s a Boy’ tea party hosted by the Mayor at Craigavon Civic Centre.

“This is such a joyous occasion and I felt it was important for Craigavon to mark the birth of the new Prince in a fun way,” commented the Mayor, Councillor Baxter.

“I had started this competition on my own personal Facebook page but then I thought we should open it up to all of our residents in Borough and let everyone join in the celebrations! So get your thinking caps on and have a go at guessing the name of our future King. I look forward to meeting the winners at the Prince’s ‘High Tea’!”

To enter the competition you can contact the Mayor’s secretary on 028 3831 2403 and leave your guess along with your name, address and contact number of get in touch through the Council’s Facebook page or Twitter. You can find us on or

Council will also be formally writing to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to pass on best wishes from Craigavon.