Narrow escape following arson attack

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A local tenant had a narrow escape after a flammable liquid was poured over a door of a property in Lurgan and set alight, in what is believed to have been a case of mistaken identity.

The terrace property in Queens Place avoided major damage as the fire failed to catch light. The incident follows a similar attack on a property in Lurgan last month

A police spokesperson said: “Between 11 pm on Monday, July 16 and mid afternoon on Tuesday, July 17, a flammable liquid was poured over the door of a house in Queens Place, Lurgan, and set alight.

“So often we have heard of tragedy and near tragedy when acts such as this have been carried out. A cowardly act that could have easily lead to a loss of life. A terrace row would have been at risk had this caught.

“One of our working theories is that this was mistaken identity based on a PREVIOUS occupant of the property. If you are responsible for the attack and are reading this, it’s important you know that this a new tenant.

“If you saw anyone in the area acting suspiciously, know what happened, or have heard anyone talking about it since, please call us on 101. The reference number is 1429 of 17/07/18.”