“Nationalism not prepared to accept second-class treatment” - O’Dowd

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Northern Nationalism is strong and confident and not prepared to accept second-class treatment said Sinn Fein’s Brexit spokesperson, John O’Dowd.

He was speaking after 200 leading figures penned an open leader to the Taoiseach urging him to defend the rights of Irish citizens in the north. “This initiative has been a powerful demonstration of the strength of feeling that exists within the northern nationalist community.

“Irish citizens in the North have the right to expect the Taoiseach and the Dublin Government to stand up for their entitlements. There is no justifiable reason why citizens here should be denied access to the same rights that exist elsewhere on this island. “We are demanding equal treatment. We are demanding an end to the disrespect and denigration of Irishness that we have witnessed over recent years. We want local institutions back in place but they must be based on proper power-sharing and equality. The nationalist community is stronger and more confident. There is no way they will accept second-class treatment.”