A LURGAN man has told how his family were nearly mown down as they crossed the road at a manned crossing outside a primary school.

Geoffrey McBride told the ‘MAIL’ of two incidents which happened at the patrol crossing on Sloan Street at Carrick Primary School.

The school are aware of the incidents and have asked drivers to exercise caution when passing the school.

Mr McBride, who has two daughters aged four and nine who attend Carrick, said: “I nearly had my family wiped out the other day at the crossing on Sloan Street.

“There’s a patrol man there but the cars are just driving on. It’s not so much the speed, it’s just that they’re not stopping for the patrol man.

“The first time it happened a car nearly cleaned all four of us. The second time it happened, it was my wife and our youngest. My wife was crossing the road at the crossing and if she had been looking down at our child and not watching the road, they’d both have been flattened by a large vehicle.”

He added: “What they need is big flashing yellow lights to let drivers know this is a school crossing. Something is needed to make drivers slow down and by aware of children crossing.”

Carrick Principal Bryan Jess said: “We’ve spoken to Mr McBride about what happened and I am aware that last year or the year before there was a near miss.”

The crossing on Sloan Street is monitored by a patrol man and has two triangular signs on either side of the road warning of a school crossing ahead.

Mr Jess said the police, Roads Service and the SELB have all looked at the crossing and ruled that what was provided fell within regulations. However, the school has been told they’re on a waiting list to be provided with flashing lights to be attached to the signs.

The principal said: “It comes down to drivers not paying attention. I would appeal to drivers to be extra vigilant when passing not just this school, but any school.”