New 20mph limits brought into force at two primary schools

Moyallon Primary School. Picture: Google Streetview.
Moyallon Primary School. Picture: Google Streetview.

A 20mph speed limit has been brought into effect at two local primary schools.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Hazzard confirmed the completion of works to enable part time 20mph speed limits at Moyallen Primary School, Gilford and at St Peter’s Primary School, Collegeland near Loughgall.

The restriction will apply for a distance of 400-500 metres along the road in the vicinity of each school.

Mr Hazzard said: “These measures will enable the national speed limit to be reduced to 20 mph at times when pupils are arriving and leaving school. This will significantly improve safety in the vicinity of these schools at the start and end of the school day.”

When the signs are lit then the speed limit is in effect and will be enforceable by the PSNI. Motorists should be aware of the new arrangements in the vicinity of the school and should adhere to the signs.