New bespoke ashtray ballot boxes uses butts to vote

Ballot bin
Ballot bin

Ballot bins where you vote with a cigarette butt on topical issues could soon be installed in the Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council area.

The ‘bespoke’ bins will have two areas to put out a cigarette and vote on relevant local issues with a window allowing people to see which topic received the most ‘votes’.

ballot bin

ballot bin

The scourge of cigarette butts littering pavements across the borough has been a constant battle for the local council.

Various measures including large fines have been introduced and it is hope these new ‘ballot bins’ will be a fun way to remove some of the litter.

Council said that officers are always trying to find innovative ways to tackle clean neighbourhood issues.

The Council said: “The Ballot Bin is a customizable bespoke ashtray which aims to tackle the issue of cigarette butt litter. A voting system encourages use of the bin, allowing the user to vote by choosing one of two receptacles to dispose of their cigarette butt. Each receptacle has a window to display the used butts, allowing a public opinion poll to taken.

Results have shown the ballot bin can reduce cigarette butt litter by 46%.

“The questions asked are customizable; they can be topical to reflect the interests of our target audience or the area in which they are located.

The bin uses the ‘nudge’ theory behaviour change approach and is a fun way to get people engaged in putting cigarette butts in a bin rather than just stubbing them out on the pavement without thinking.

“Every bin can be mounted to a wall using standard screws or can be fitted to a pole or railing.

The bins can be moved around various hotspots.

The cost of supply, delivery and fitting of a trial number of 10 bins will be managed within budget.

A Council spokesperson said: “The installation of ‘ballot bins’ in selected hotspot areas within the borough is subject to council approval. It is hoped that their implementation will take place in early 2018.”